[Experience] How we use the delegation boards at 233 and other examples

Today, with this post, we want to share our experience with the delegation boards, and from other persons that accompanied us at the Madrid Management 3.0 Meetup about the delegation boards workshop. First of all, we are going to explain our experience with them, and then we will make a brief summary of how the Meetup went, and also to show you the pictures we took. Let’s get going… The 233... read more

[Experience] Personal Maps at 233 Grados de TI – Community

We have always been very vocal about people being the most important factor for a project’s success at 233 Grados de TI, and because of that, whenever we come across new techniques that empower that aspect and help to improve it, we try them and we show them to you, just as we did with Kudos, Niko – Niko, 10 motivators, etc. Today we want to tell you about another technique we used to get to know... read more

Celebration Grid: Sharing experiences

Some weeks ago I shared with you that post Managing success and failure with Celebration Grids, in case you don’t remember or if you have not read it, that was a Management 3.0 technique which had as a goal to remind us the good things that have been done, to learn and to remember mistakes. Celebration Grids are a visual way of presenting- remembering- reflecting about the result of an experiment, of... read more

Work Expo or how to create an exposition of values and team stories

Approximately 2 years ago (back then in 2014) I shared with you that post with such a long title… ¿Would you wear a shirt with your company’s logo? ¿pridefully or shamefully? A team without identity can’t be a great team and it may not even be a team. I told you back then, and I will explain later why I came back to this topic, that it is hard to feel part of a community, team, enterprise, etc., if that... read more

How we use at 233 the Happiness Door practice

Today we want to tell you about another Management 3.0 technique, “Happiness Door”. We, at 233, use it as a complementary practice or an expansion of the Niko Niko calendar. If you don’t know what is the Niko Niko calendar, you can follow these links: A “happy” team is more productive and thus it is becoming a trend to measure happiness Niko-Niko: A one year experience using it in 233 Grados de TI... read more

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